Better, faster recovery from critical events

Many businesses come prepared to face disruptions from events like fire, floods, typhoons, earthquakes and pandemics. In most cases, there is a corporate playbook for each type of event with accompanying tools and planned processes to deal with each. There is even a playbook for man-made events like protests and cyberattacks.

Over the years businesses have put in place systems and processes to combat each event separately. But when these occur in succession, and in some cases like COVID-19 over prolonged periods, businesses find themselves trying to manage multiple systems and processes.

According to critical event management (CEM) specialist, Everbridge, more than two-thirds of organisations employ specialist tools and software to manage their CEM plans. Purpose-built for a specific event these systems are not designed to communicate and interoperate with others.

The result is confusion, slowed response, and a potential for things to get worst before they can get better.

A lack of clear communication is threatening to undermine these efforts. The wide availability of tools and channels, including apps, text, emails, TV, radio, newspapers, and social media used to send vital updates, further complicates and potentially slows the ability of organisations to respond.

The report, Clarity out of chaos: helping businesses recover faster from critical events, offers insightful commentaries, observations and best practices from organisations who have been, and are, in the thick of critical events.

Topics covered in this special report include:

  • Employees are more disparate and diverse than ever
  • Businesses are missing key channels of communication
  • Workers expect more information, more often
  • Targeted Communications outweigh privacy and security concerns

Click here to download this special report and discover how your organisation can benefit from better critical event management planning and strategy.

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