KPMG: Business case for IoT in utilities

In recent years there has been a tremendous volume of analysis around the Internet of Things (IoT) with insights published by research organisations that range from the boutique through to the prestige. Frequently, the commentary around this analysis has included the term “hype” somewhere within these articles, although recently some of the research outcomes have pointed to IoT soon maturing and being capable of widespread productive deployment.

Two key points are evident from this:

1) Everyone is talking about IoT (or at least it feels that way) and have big expectations of the promised impending benefits.

2) For businesses with a planning horizon beyond a few years, it is essential that IoT feature somewhere within those plans.

A great deal of investment of intellect and effort has been directed to IoT and we continue to see momentum gaining across the broad IoT ecosystem and its applications. The coming phase of maturing should provide a level of comfort to business leaders that the landscape of hype is transitioning to one where realistic and achievable outcomes will soon prevail.

Some utilities are already deploying IoT successfully and realising significant benefits, and it should be expected that within only a few years IoT deployments by utilities will be viewed as mainstream.

This KPMG paper describes the evolving role of IoT towards the development of smart utility operations.

Click here to download the KPMG whitepaper.

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